Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 2, 2010: In Jail

After the race yesterday I drove to my next destination, Inveraray, but arrived too late and was too tired to explore and get a good sense of the town (I've already mentioned that small Scottish towns tend to shut down at 4 PM). This morning though, I set about on a sight-seeing mission to see what Inverary had to offer, which, it must be said, is not much.

(A rustic bench outside my hostel so "vintage" that moss is growing on it.)

(A memorial to Scottish soldiers who lost their lives in battle during WWI on the village square, which is in turn next to the fabulous Loch Fyne with the famous Atlantic Bridge in the background.)

(The historic Inveraray pier, designed in 1762.)

A stroll down Inveraray's one street brought me to the pier, and a rather excellent maritime museum that is actually located inside a boat. I won't bore you with the details, because you really had to be there to enjoy it, but let it be shown on the record that I quite enjoyed the unique experience. From here, I took a look inside all of the shops, and eventually made my way to one of Inveraray's more famous attractions: the Inveraray Jail.

(An actual classic "puffer boat" [on the left] which were once all the rage on the Scottish canals. The ship on the right is the museum.)

(Me, pretending to be captain of the ship that houses the Maritime Museum in Inveraray. It's a good thing the ship was moored to the pier, because the wheel was at the other end of the boat.)

(A diesel starboard engine which was at one time fitted to a local fishing boat.)

The Inveraray Jail was once an actual jail and country court built in 1813, and was in use until 1889, but the court continued to try cases until 1954. Life in the prison, especially the old prison, must have been horrible (when it was first built there was no heating system), but as a tourist attraction it is an afternoon well spent.

(The entrance to the Inveraray Jail.)

(A Scotsman causing mischief on the balcony at the Inveraray Jail.)

(The Inveraray Jail was also a county court, and as such a scene like this would not have been uncommon. This is actually a trial for a man who was charged with bigamy, because he married another woman, when unbeknownst to him, his wife, whom he thought dead, was actually still alive. According to the court records he was actually found guilty.)

(Yes, that's right, no piping or "other filthy playing" after supper.)

(Me, locked away for eating sweeties in the jail.)

Other Pictures...

(In Inveraray one can still find an apothecary for all [some of?] one's pharmaceutical needs.)

(I love Scotland, because cars like these are the norm, not the exception. And I know what you're thinking too. You're saying to yourself right now, "that's all fine and dandy if you're single, but what if you have a family? Then you absolutely need a giant SUV." But you're wrong. Look in the back of that black car and what do you see? A car seat. How is this possible? It really is bonny Scotland, I tell you what.)


  1. Are you going to move to scotland?

  2. Probably one day. Maybe after I move to Halifax and Korea.